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COVID update


From Monday 15th November 2021, any pupils from Years 1-6 isolating due to Covid-19 will have classwork set on Google Classroom.

Pupil login details remain the same as those used previously in the spring term for Years 2-6, however pupils will now be allocated to their current class. Year 1 pupils will be given their new login details. Work will be set for individual pupils who are isolating as opposed to the whole class, as those pupils in school will not need to access remote learning.

The Suffolk Public Health team have reviewed their guidance for Suffolk schools based on rising cases amongst children. We are liaising on a daily basis with the Suffolk Public Health team and monitoring cases closely.  We continue to review and adapt our systems within school when necessary.  Please note the following:

  • The wearing of face masks on site, and by staff in communal areas, continues.
  • Daily testing of Primary aged pupils is at the discretion of parents. However, they strongly recommend ALL parents regularly test their child with a lateral flow test available through the NHS or at local pharmacies.
  • Please continue to advise the school of absences via the and email by 9.00 am. Please be specific about the reason for the absence.  Please do not use the year group email addresses or Tapestry to advise of absences.
  • For other general enquiries, please email or call after 9.15 am.
  • The school office is unable to provide specific individual guidance on symptoms and testing and we ask that you read the guidance below. 

Positive cases

When the school is informed of a PCR-confirmed positive case in class, we will endeavour to advise class parent/carers as soon as possible by email.  Under current national and local guidelines, this does not result in classes being sent home from school.  Depending upon numbers, it may result in a class/year group being asked to get PCR tests.

Please follow the recommendations from Suffolk Public Health guidance on symptomatic and asymptomatic cases, testing and isolation.

  • My child has been in contact with someone receiving a positive LFT (including family members) but does not have symptoms:  Continue to come to school - is not required to take additional tests
  • My child has been in contact with someone receiving a positive PCR (including family members) but does not have symptoms:  Continue to come to school

Take daily LFT’s for 4 days (there is no need to isolate during this period unless a positive result is received on one of the tests) On the 5th day take a PC

  • My child has symptoms: Take a PCR. Child should isolate until the result is received

- Negative result – come back to school if well

- Positive result – isolate for 10 days and return when well

  • My child does not have symptoms but receives a positive LFT: Take a PCR. Child should isolate until the result is received

- Negative result – come back to school if well

- Positive result – isolate for 10 days and return when well

Exemptions: If you have tested positive on a PCR in the last 90 days and completed isolation you are exempt from the guidance above


Since our last Parent Update, a number of you have asked if it is possible to know provisional dates for the Christmas performances, should they be able to proceed. Please therefore see the list below.

We await further guidance from Suffolk Public Health as to whether face to face performances will be able to go ahead but with current numbers amongst children in schools on the rise, it seems unlikely the Public Health guidance will change, but watch this space.

As per the last parent update, the children will still have the experience of rehearsing and performing and should the performances not go ahead face to face, they will be recorded and shared with parents.


  • Reception nativity/play – 2.30 PM, Wednesday 8 December, 10.00 AM Thursday 9 December - school hall.
  • Year 1 nativity/play – 2 PM, Monday 13 December, 9.45 AM, Tuesday 14 December - school hall.
  • Year 2 nativity/play – 2 PM, Thursday 9 December, 9.45 AM Friday 10 December - school hall.
  • Year 3 & 4 Christmas Celebration – 9.30 AM Wednesday 8 December and 6.00 PM Thursday 9 December - Christ Church Moreton Hall.
  • Year 5 & 6 perform a selection of carols/songs recorded and shown via the school website. (Prior to the Covid pandemic, Year 5 were due to produce and perform a spring term production and Year 6 a summer term production, but unfortunately these had to be cancelled). This year we are hoping to return again to this plan for spring and summer term performances.