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Government Prevent Strategy


government prevent strategy

The Government Prevent Strategy places a duty on all schools in the UK to Safeguard children in relation to radicalisation and extremism. At Sebert Wood we promote British Values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

Schools have a duty to undertake a risk assessment to judge the extent to which pupils are vulnerable to radicalisation and although we believe the children in our school are at low risk, the research suggests that there is no single way of identifying an individual susceptible to a terrorist ideology. Any concerns relating to this issue fall under our Safeguarding policy and are dealt with on a case by case basis. The latest Safeguarding policy can be found on this website.

In order to keep all our children safe, staff are trained to be alert to any changes in children’s behaviour which could indicate they need help or protection. As a school (and community) we must not be complacent and have been instructed by the Government to be vigilant of anyone who is vocal or active in opposition to the fundamental British values. Following our safeguarding procedures, if any specific concerns relating to radicalisation or extremism are identified, these concerns can be raised and discussed with Suffolk Police representatives or via a special national DFE helpline.

Although the children at Sebert Wood are still very young, it is important to be aware that according to government statistics, 90% of radicalisation takes place on line. It is important therefore that we are all vigilant of children’s online activity. At school we use an internet filtering system but like all internet activity this is not infallible which is why our e-safety policy covers how we teach children what is broadly suitable or unsuitable and for them to report to a member of staff immediately if they see anything they feel uncomfortable about or know is unsuitable.

Through our PSHE curriculum, Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education and the promotion of British values we aim to engender an open, fair and tolerant school and wider community.  We acknowledge our duty of care to safeguard our pupils, staff, governors and families against any radicalisation that may promote hatred, harm or mistrust of others.

If you have any concerns about this area, please contact one of the school’s Safeguarding and Prevent team. Tina Wilson, Suffolk Chair of Prevent Panel. Andy Hill, Suffolk and Norfolk Police Prevent Lead.

Background:- The current threat from extremism in the United Kingdom is severe and can involve the exploitation of vulnerable people, including children, to involve them in extremism activity. PREVENT is a key part of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy, the aim is to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Early intervention is at the heart of “Prevent” in diverting young people away from being drawn into terrorist activity.

Since the 1st July 2015 specified authorities such as schools, local authorities, colleges and prisons have had a legal obligation to comply with new duties. The new duties will ensure key bodies who already have a duty to safeguard individuals, play their part and work in partnership, and tackle extremism together.

More information on these duties can be found on the Government’s website at:

The Government  strategy document: