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Homework Menus & Learning Links


reception learning links

         What to expect, When?  – Guidance to your child’s learning and development

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calculation methods

Our Year 6 pupils demonstrate in video how they use the four mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve calculations fluently:

KS2 homework learning menus 

YEAR 3 Home Learning Menus - Summer 2 2022

YEAR 4 Home Learning Menus - Summer 2 2022

YEAR 5 Home Learning Menus - Summer 2 2022

YEAR 6 Home Learning Menusnone this term due to preparation for SATs during Spring 2022.

You will find here our Parent Guide to the KS2 accelerated reader program.

Each half term the teaching team develop a Homework Learning Menu linked to work that will be covered in the classrooms.  These Home Learning Menus allow children to select the tasks that interest them.  We hope they also give children and their families’ greater flexibility so that they can plan home learning tasks around their busy lives.  Some are more complex and will take longer than others and we encourage children to pick tasks that can be managed within a reasonable amount of time. 

We usually expect one task from the Home Learning Menu to be completed each week. 

google classroom

Please note, from Monday 15th November, any pupils from Years 1-6 isolating due to Covid-19 will have classwork set on Google Classroom.

Pupil login details remain the same as those used previously in the spring term for Years 2-6, however pupils will now be allocated to their current class. Year 1 pupils will be given their new login details. Work will be set for individual pupils who are isolating as opposed to the whole class, as those pupils in school will not need to access remote learning.